Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new tenants..

mula2 aku xksah klau ad yang nk lepak dlm bilik tu sbb i'm not even there for a very a long time.but suddenly katil br means it will continue to for a long time..then out of the blue she called them "new tenants".still its so damn ok to have new tenant as long as they dont change anything but that is so not possible!! there'll be no 'wut so call my room' anymore cos there isnt..benci betoi..juki now at the back of the room where all the clothes di sumbat.n juki will not have her privacy anymore cos there were never a privacy pon.but atleast she used to be the center of evrything in the room.but not anymore now!! thanks to the new tenants.
juki juki..
bilik kt sbelah sana kan ad lg..
xkan ak nk p berebut plak kot..
cukup la dgn perebutan yg sedang berlarutan skrg..
blik nnt buat batu jer la masuk blik yg dh xmacm bilik..
bilik tu akn betoi2 jd mcm hospital spt yg ayah gelakkan.
but every cloud has a silver silver lining is so far much important than this crap which is:
"the awakening of our little house"
the little house with a lot of beating hearts"
so cant wait to go home..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


why do we have to choose?
btwn two things that we know we cant choose..
cause there're no much diffrent if we chose either one..
still we have to choose to fit the world that we think we belonged to..
where there is no choice at all..
whether we like it or not..
whats left is what we get..
so which one do we have to choose??
chocolate or coklat??