Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 perkara apa yang anas suka buat dengan kak putih.

(this is not his best pic though)
this morning i recieved a letter from my younger brother, anas who turns 11 last january. he wrote about 10 things he enjoyed doing with me during last school holiday. act he was forced to write that. here are the lists.

1. berjogin dengan kak putih

2. pegi makan pagi dekat Mee Abu

3. pegi main boling dengan abang wan

4. kita geng, tak geng dengan kak ina.

(perkara yang anas ingat tentang kak putih)

5. kak putih suka tengok cerita csi dan orang perempuan sengau.(guess who?)

6. suka lena pada pukul 4

7. kak putih suka kentut....tak sanggup nak type. to good to be true.

8. kak putih suka baca novel.

9. anas rindu nak main boling dengan kak putih

10. jangan lupa balas surat ini.

so here what i'll reply to him.

10 perkara yang kak putih ingat tentang anas.

1. anas terer main ps2. kak putih selalu kalah ngn anas.

2. anas suka teh o ais.

3. gaya anas main boling sungguh bersungguh2 walaupun masuk longkang jer memanjang.

4. pagi pagi gerak anas pegi jogin, susah nak bangun tapi bila anas dengaq pintu bilik ayah buka anas terus bangun dengan outomatic p bilik ayaq.

5. anas suka lukis gambaq kereta, kereta kebal, helicopter, and jet since u were 3 years old.

6. Anas suka bagi duit kat kakak kalau kakak tolong anas apa2. selalunya rm2.

7. Anas suka menyanyi. paling kakak ingat skali anas suka menyanyi lagu bunga emas masa anas umuq 3 or 4 thn.

8. Anas very protective. kalau ada orang mengorat kakak kakak anas paling marah. anas lawan balik. anas akan cakap apa tengok2. tak malu ka. rasa selamat jer jalan ngn anas.

9. kalau makan luaq anas akan p toilet n kak putih la org yang kena teman anas.

10. anas tak penah keluaq rumah tanpa gel rambut. rambut anas sentiasa kemas.

banyak lagi. tapi dah penuh list 10.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

like her hair.

audrey tautou.
her smile charmed me. her hairdo numbed me. her movie, amelie. suka la dia.

new possesion.

new shoes for new week..

iswal and i bought a pair of shoes each yesterday.. no intentions at all for shopping. just need to buy book.and indeed i did buy a book.to kill a mocking- bird.been heard bout this book for ages but never thought to read it..

then we both saw these awsome shoes. many of them actually. with different colours and shapes.. iswal liked the one that we bought.not much difference with the one i liked. same colour but different pattern. i actually liked this one but ended buying like hers. cos it looks nicer on my feet..

iswal and posed last night. soo keen to wear them today. but they look kind of kembang on my feet but still i love these shoes..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

what i need for now.

colourful life. now my life is so grey. mixture of white and black. mana hijau pucuk paku? mana kuning kerepek? mana merah halimah? xdak. p mana tatau la.
vibrant energy cos i'm so sleepy and tired around the clock kecuali kalau dlm kelas. xsempat nak kelip mata. there're always something that will keep my eyes wide open although sometimes my spirit is nowhere to be found.
new handbag. seriously to date bag is so down to drain. smua zip dah tecabut. so, just tinggal 1 jer skrg yang aku suka. kamonla, women need atleast how many handbags? based on k.ina, we atleast need 3 handbags. the 'it' bag, the cocktail purse and the extra large bag. as such i reall need 2s more. aku sgt tak membazir selepas pegang duit sendiri cos hell i know how hard is to earn every penny. sayang nak spend. but i'm always broke in the middle of the month. when was the last time i had a really true shopping? thousand years ago i guess. tu pon atas belas ehsan ayah. aduhh.

ideas. for teaching. i really need to crack open my head and lick all the leftover of creativity.. desperate moment. cos nowadays studs are easily bored with talk and chalk and handouts. they need drama..they hunger for glam0ur. so let the game begins.

loves for everybody.. cos i so damn hate every one that blocks my way to the washroom. sebab now i really need to blow my nose every 20 secs.. flu.

my voice back. lost it again. 2nd time in two years teching. kena belajar keluar suara dari perut ni.. save my vocal cord.

that's all for now..