Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Umbrella karma

I'd read this post from 1 awesome blog: 1000 awesomethings. 1 of them is umbrella karma and i found it very fascinating.

Umbrella karma is when you lose your umbrella somewhere but then randomly find another one somewhere else.

Whoops, left your rainshade in the restaurant? No worries, there’s an extra one in your front closet from last week’s party. Shoot, did you leave yours at the back of the bus? Well don’t worry because there’s six of them in the corner of this coat rack.

Let your mind slip back and remember all the umbrellas you’ve left under movie seats and in taxi cabs over the years. Smile because you’re part of our great big Secret Shared Umbrella World and we’re all looking out for you. So don’t worry next time you forget your umbrella somewhere… because we’ve recorded your donation and we’ll leave another one out for

And 1 of the comments caught my eyes:
There is an umbrella movement all about paying it forward with umbrellas! I found out about it when a kind soul stopped their car while i was walking in the rain to give me a spare umbrella with a simple request that I pass it on the next time i see someone without one and dont need it :) and I got too