Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today's log.

What's in their minds?? Weird hah! Though i had been there long time ago, i still couldnt figure it out.. They were too complicated. Even complicated than a war. U will never know until u know! They wont show it. They will left you unsolved.
Case 1: Yesterday, i caught girls shouting at each other in their class.. The reason behind this quarrel was: they were playing tug n war and eventually ended up hurting each other! Oh man, 13-year old girls! And the worst part was neither of them admitted that they were fighting though obviously both of them were crying and weeping. I just handed them to the most fierce teacher in the school! Girls to man talk.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New member in the family

Welcoming our 14th baby member. After waiting for 13years, she was finally delivered into our big family. Our baby sister. Named Rus Maryam(not official yet) My most favourite name. My mom hv waited for 13 years for her 2nd child and finally she got a beautiful little princess. We are so happy for her and dad.. Never ending babies. After we the grown ups, next the young teenegaers, and now the babies. Full of laughter and cry.