Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peludah warna

Peludah Warna

Kuasa gusar kini menggelegak murka;
warna kuning diisytihar racun terbisa.
Diragutnya baju-T segeram tenaga
dan diumum itulah busana bahaya.

Tapi, kita jahit semula perca kain,
menjadikannya panji terindah dan tulen.
Warna kuning yang teramat tenang dan syahdu
kita kembalikan damai ke dalam qalbu.

Kini cahaya mentari mungkin diramas
dan sinar kuningnya juga mungkin dicantas.
Memanglah mereka kini peludah warna
sedang menghimpun lendir kahak sebanyaknya.

Kerana nikmat amat lama berkuasa,
kuasa pun seolah menjadi hartanya.

A Samad Said

Inspiring qoute.

Ive been teaching the last or the second last classes since forever. Interms of teaching, i didnt do justice for them. I taught them just so they know the english words. Gave them less exercises, never gave them any homework( except in the first year of teaching) i did that because i know their level. At some point i just taught them little. Oh yes, i belittle them. Cos in my mind, that's the way they suppose to learn. Cause of their lower level in english.. Plus their lazy attitue, especially the boys. They hardly finished the simplest works i gave them, let alone the homework. Everytime i gave them extra exersices, the would mourn to death. And that was annoying. Cause i have to beg them to do the exercises. Sometime i even bribed them with chocolates. So, i reduce my aim in teaching; just make them finish the works no matter how. That will be a bless. And i was wrong cis :-
Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat him as he could be, and he will become what he should be.

So now, im slowly changing my mind set and my teaching methods. For a start, the extra class for pmr students. Ive been assigned to the lower proficiency studs.I'll try my best to make them pass this paper. Cos nobody believes they will. I donno how but i will try treating them as they could be. Wish me luck.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Im much content with my life rite now. I might not get what i wanted but i am much grateful for all the great opportunities before me.
Terima kasih Allah. I pray hard please dont take what i have rite now especially all my loves one ya Allah. Oh please..
For you, i pray you will cerish your own joy, just be grateful for all the little things you have. and strive to achieve what you want.