Monday, July 15, 2013


We're discussing about teachg n learng english when suddenly 1 student said: Learning English is like entering a public toilet.hokayyy. Coming from a student from the last class.i laughed my lung out. then it hit me! seeing my reaction he justified his line by saying: no, no, bukan mcm toilet tp mcm masuk toilet awam.??? again my face made him explained more. maksudnya : you can go to public toilet whenever or wherever you loike. hhmm. Walaupun mcm ada yg x kena. again my face made him added more simile. learning english is like eating on a full stomach. then, i stopped making faces. i just smiled. a very sincere smile.he cud come up with these lines. And yes, i did teach them metaphor and simile last week. This simple thing made me smile up till now.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wan Safiya Bt Wan Shahrul Azhar

pious woman that's the meaning of your name, Chosen by your dad, after much arguing with him i gave the nod. 18/2/13, after having our dinner i had this pain at my lower abdomen, Papa convinced me to go to the hospital but i refused cos the first experience going there was not a good one. But he was so determined and drove me to the hospital with one cndition that if anything happened i didnt want to be admitted. So we went. That was how it all began. Your heart was beating very were so keen to see the world but my body was not ready yet. Fetal distressed so they said. I was taken to the or. I was not prepared mentally and phisically, not that night. It was really fast. You were out at 1142 pm. Seeing you for the first time was a denial moment, I felt numb, You were not supposed to be here, not for two more weeks, but Allah knows best. Your high pitch voice broke the silence in the or, Woke me from the trembling cold, It took a while for the doctor to introduce you to me, I waited. Not until i asked the doc your sex, though every scan showed that you are definately my gurl. I kissed you for the first time, you cried louder, out of hunger or the alienated world. I was not sure. You were taken outside to meet your new family, papa, tokwan, tokngah,maktok, Pakteh, and maksu maryam. Tokwan,papa and tokngah azan and iqamat. You are just too special for both of us. Everyone says that u had ur father's face. It is ok with me as long as i'm your mother. Sometime i still couldnt believe that i had you. The pain of having you reminds me that this is real.... I love you safiya.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

School trip

School trip should be fun. I remember when i was form 4, our class organised a trip to cameron highland. Yes, we were a bunch of 16-year-old teenage girl n we planned for a trip to 3++ km trip. Amazing. Then, we're the one who chose the right teacher to accompany us! There was no crazy rule.(no jeans,only covered shoes to name such) that's the time we could fashion around(not the nowadays young teenage fashion-legging n stuff) more to fancy tshirt, jeans n shoes.
Having talking about this, im going to accompany a school trip to kl tonight. At first, i was so looking forward to this trip. I even bought new decent clothes just for this trip. Now im not sure wether i can wear them or not as we(students n teachers) are given tshirt to be worn on that trip. Haishh. Ok, its not just about the clothes, i just dont feel like going. All the stuffs are running through my head rite. With the unfinished syllabus, the wedding thingy, the workloads....etc. I'll trt my best to make something out of this.. Just enjoy the trip as afterall it is free anyway!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


If you were here, u'll definitely be my first choice.
But you weren't.
You are now way too far in a better place.
If you were here now, i bet we will be the best friend ever,
It will be you i parade around, it was your secrets iwill threaten you with.
You are my best mate, my best secrets keeper, my sponge tears, my punch angers, my everything.
Our last day wasnt the best moment to remember.. I pray for you every now and then. I just love you in a way no one will ever understand.
It's between you and me. Between our own codes. Between our own nights spend together. Between our morning call moments. Between us.
You and i. I just wished i treated you differently. I should treat you the way i wanted they to treat me not the way they treated me. I am sorry.
I love you. Will always do.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


today, i just want to type. no special purpose. well, just now, someone texted me and asked me about my days during my school year. this someone said that someone had told him i was always being late to school. it took me awhile to freshen up my junior high memories. oh yes. i always came late because back then, my only transport to school was the HBR bas(a public transport). i had to wake up as early as 530 am to be able to catch the 630 made everything harder, i had to walk along the creepy alley(which was somebody's backyard) to reach the bus stop. and at 630a.m, it was still dark. sometimes i woke up late. and i'd missed the bus. or sometimes i was there on time but somehow the bus was packed like hell. and i ended being late. not everyday but maybe once or twice a week. the blue people(prefect la tu) wrote my name and asked me to collect rubbish around school compound.luckily during those times, there was no STUDM(sistem tadbir urus displin murid)where every little or big rule u break will go online and will stay there forever. Even KPM can access ur year was not the best time for me. not that i hate school years, i just dont cherished that moments that much. i like the matric's life more.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today's log.

What's in their minds?? Weird hah! Though i had been there long time ago, i still couldnt figure it out.. They were too complicated. Even complicated than a war. U will never know until u know! They wont show it. They will left you unsolved.
Case 1: Yesterday, i caught girls shouting at each other in their class.. The reason behind this quarrel was: they were playing tug n war and eventually ended up hurting each other! Oh man, 13-year old girls! And the worst part was neither of them admitted that they were fighting though obviously both of them were crying and weeping. I just handed them to the most fierce teacher in the school! Girls to man talk.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New member in the family

Welcoming our 14th baby member. After waiting for 13years, she was finally delivered into our big family. Our baby sister. Named Rus Maryam(not official yet) My most favourite name. My mom hv waited for 13 years for her 2nd child and finally she got a beautiful little princess. We are so happy for her and dad.. Never ending babies. After we the grown ups, next the young teenegaers, and now the babies. Full of laughter and cry.