Monday, July 15, 2013


We're discussing about teachg n learng english when suddenly 1 student said: Learning English is like entering a public toilet.hokayyy. Coming from a student from the last class.i laughed my lung out. then it hit me! seeing my reaction he justified his line by saying: no, no, bukan mcm toilet tp mcm masuk toilet awam.??? again my face made him explained more. maksudnya : you can go to public toilet whenever or wherever you loike. hhmm. Walaupun mcm ada yg x kena. again my face made him added more simile. learning english is like eating on a full stomach. then, i stopped making faces. i just smiled. a very sincere smile.he cud come up with these lines. And yes, i did teach them metaphor and simile last week. This simple thing made me smile up till now.

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Anna Ruslina said...

Lawak la perumpamaan tu.