Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thinga i hate doing.

If i were to list down some of the things i hate doing as a teacher, i would say:
1) making everyday lesson plan.
2) fill in students register( why can they invent a system for students attendence? Maybe using fingerprint? So teachers dont have to count every month just to find the % for everthing!)
3) oh yeah, marking books!!!!!!!!!
4) reports!
5) letters
6) speech
I guess there're more...
But i love teaching. Just teaching. And now i m enjoying directing students for drama.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The busiest week ever.

These past weeks were the busiest time ever for me.. Starting from the netball, mssd, and volleyball. Then my clerical work. Hedacount. It suppose to be finished months ago. But as ussual me, the last minute doer! N now, comes my drama competition. I knew this month ago but due to the sports and the headcount, the drama thing just fell behind the closet. Just started with the script. There are way too much to go. The costume, the final pelakon, the props. The budget! We are not representing just our school, we representing pontian! Dont get me wrong, is not that we won the district level, it just happened that our fate is picked for this competition. Here in pontian, each school will represent one competition by poll! I chose only lower form students as they are more manageable and less shy! Still young and golden. Just hope that this drama will turn out as i expected..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Experience is the best teacher in life.

My first and current car is the second hand kelisa.. She used to be okay. Free from the keruk korek sounds, scracthes and all the ugly marks the car could possibly get. After the second and the most massive accident, she started to sound weird plus all the scars. I went to many workshops and they couldnt figure out where the sound come from.
Back to the point, the past 3 days, i brought 3 students to telok kerang for volleyball tournament.. N guess what. One of the studs(girl) said: bunyi bising ni bunyi tayar spare yg tak skru rapat la ni.
Oh lupa nak bgtau. Aku memang dh tau sebabnya dari sidia. Tu pun after a long inspection. After aku paksa dia dgq betoi2 and check semua bahagian. But this girl knew it right away. Bila ditanya mcmna dia tau, "dh selalu dgq la cikgu".
Teruja aku satu hari. Bdk perempuan pulak tu.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Darling calour of all..

Emerald green. Yes, it will be!The "it" colour for my wedding dress. Still searching for the right design for the dress. I'll take my head off for a statement top! But for now im on dead end. Wether to jump in the intrend or stick to my own. Love ruffles but it will be too rush. Maybe green with black sequins or black lace. Green and black work well together. Just like coffee and caramel. Owh owh..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Naik naik

Harga minyak naik i dont use ron 97, neither do the lorry drivers, or the hawker and the stall owners, buy still the food/things/groceries and even tyers' prices will rise higher..why? Collateral effect!! Gaji naik setahun skali tp harga barang keep on climbing twice a month! many of us will fall below the poverty line and who cares?