Monday, April 26, 2010

action research and the lovely bones.

today i presented an action research in front of excellent teachers, judges as well of fellow presenters.
it was horrible.
i stumbled here and there.. speechless sometimes, shivering all the time. tiba2 teringat time suruh budak2 present their work. selalu pesan" be confident, dont slouch, eye contact. project your voice, suara dari perut.banyak la punya komen skali bila kena kat aku nah ambik, tegagap2, teketaq2, siap landing lutut atas kerusi sebab lembik lutut. couldn't stand up straight. tekan mouse pun susah nak lekat. cos its been a long time since i did my last presentation. last skali waktu kt ukm. but i was not really a good presenter though during that time. but i did pretty well in pesenting my literature works. cos i love literature as much as i hate it. sometimes.
back to the presenation today, i was the worst presenter i guessed. most of the judges advised me to be more confident present next time. salah sorang cakap "you look so nervous" which infact i was nervous and always be infront of crowds. "tak nampak cantik la the way you presented your research" so on and so forth.."takut ke dengan kitorang?" nampak macam takut ja. but they did give me credit on my research topic after all.
very attractive and suitable for students in parit betak sebab mesti diorang tak pernah tgk gambar bewarna macam ni. (downgrading my students some more), helpful for students, good, practical.. though my presentation didn't go so well, the message were clearly delivered, hope so. xtaula menang ke tak. tak kot. in a week baru dapat keputusan.
-end of discussion-

i just watched the lovely bones movie. pirated one of cos. dah cari 1 bp tapi xda yang tayang filem ni. so pirated cd is my last resort.
i dont expect much from the adaptation movie. sebab mesti kureng daripada buku.. though tak banyak yang aku ingat daripada buku tu tapi i still can remember the important parts in the novel which i think shouldnt be change. but overall i still could feel the same strong feeling for some parts in the movie that the novel offers. bagi 3 bintang setengah. kurang satu setengah sebab ubah part part yang tak sepatutnya..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

photoshoot session...

2 Anasaee 2010.
very colourfulllll..
some short, some tall.
some handsome, some less handsome,
and mostly beautiful.
comes with all sizes,
round, thick,thin,big,small,less big and less small.
varies according to i may shall say tribe.
every day is a challenge for them and for teachers.
to learn and to teach.
growing mentally and physically infront of each other eyes.
every day is a learning process for both teacher and students.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hello 25.

tomorrow i'll turn 25..a year older than today.

goreng cucuq jagung to celebrate new age.

nak menandakan yang umur 25 masa untuk mencuba skill memasak yg ada tapi kurang berkilat.

cuma nak hari hari ku lebih semangat dan kurang marah.

just want this world to be greener again.

so for a start, just bought 3 gojers plants: rosemary, mint and stevia. selain dari pokok pisang, limau purut, kunyit idup, lengkuas, kangkung, pegagaga, kacang botoi, ada la jugak tambahan pokok herbs ala2 org putih bagi memeriahkan kawasan benut ni.

nak red things..lama sgt dah xda benda2 meriah colour ni.

yellow also will do.

or lemon green.


just wait and see.

if not next year, the next following year pon xkisah.

janji kawin.

kan kan kan.

nak kaya.