Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's been almost 4days if u add in tomorrow i been away from school. The feelings are mixed up, relieved, miss them much, relaxed( though ive to drive 40mins everyday to the venue) n sometime i even felt guilty for leaving the classes for too long especially the good class. I know the lower class would be jumping around on my absences. For that i feel really deprived for every hour making their lives misserable. But i know deep down they miss me.
Being a teacher consumes much of my energy. U r dealing with the hardest phase of human psychology- teenagers- oh yes, on paper my working hour is from 7am-2pm. But really guys, we all have been in school no matter which stages, say if that is the real working hour for us, then who teaches extra classes? Who coaches every athlete? Who drives every contestent to the competition venue? Who is the chaperon for every school activity? Who did most of the clerical works when the clerk is an asshole? Do we get Extra wages for the ot? Btw we do get paid for the extra classes though itS no that much. The point is no point. Just need to letgo.. Extremely weary sometime but no gold could replace the satisfaction of hearing the sound "ooooooooo" or "aaaaaaaaa"" and even "ya ya ya" in my p&p process. And somehow i miss that moment though i like being rest from classes.
Talking about school, this year i've been assigned 4 classes ranging from average to super weak! I donno how to describe my feeling right now. Wether sad, vexed, annoyed or ...... There are more than 6 students in the 3rd class who still stumble in reading and im not talking about english! Dalam bahasa melayu!!!!!!!! And one of them even got an
A for pemahaman paper in upsr! N ofcos D in penulisan. When asked, they said they were given answers to memorise and some were asked to copy friends answers next to them, and teachers gave the answers outside the exam hall. Soalan bocor tak payah cakapla. Semua dapat. Aku taktaula kalau benda ni just happened here in pontian. Kenapa ada guru yg sanggup downgrade maruah sendiri demi nak jaga maruah sekolah? Aku just tak paham. I tend to be very emotional about this matter. Cos it is hard for me to teach them let alone for them to grap what i've been mumbling all year round when they r suppose to be learning according to their own level. Dah la sudah la.
And today, i heard from the form 1 student that her mom which happened to be his teacher that time gave the answers in upsr. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Pecah perut! And now they said nowadays students are brilliant! Oh yes the brilliant copycat generation.
Siakap senohong,
Gelama ikan duri,
Kalau cikgu yang ajaq berbohong,
cikgu la bapak segala pencuri!

# just let them be.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

merah frenzy

dragon attacked and she never afraid!!

trapped for her uncontrollable behaviour

tunggu makanan yang tak mungkin sampai..

going home without you means watching tv during "transmission end".
and now you are getting bigger and smarter, more vocal especially on things you both like and hate.
today, my blog is dedicated for you adik, merah, salmah or nur hidyah, whichever suits you best.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Negative u.

When u r surrounded by negative ambience eventually you will turn to one someday. Its not that you should left ur friend in need but if that friend is draging u down with her what should you do. I always tend to get emotional when it comes to the relationship no matter whose! I just hate being the one who got the tears and left out when there's a smile.. Not that i never had problems in my relationship, i'd a lot! But try not to drag others. Me myself personally will just went to sleep early.. And neber eber i affect others life just because my life sucks at that particular moment. For eg: when u plan something with ur friend, dont change it just because ur mental state is in rumble! Juat enjoy the moment for the sake of the plan.Silent treatment is a no no! I used to be that person sometime ago, n who did i affect? Ofcos my dear sister and my bestie, whodha. I'll turn rage when i'd issues. I thank her for that. Uni life changed me a lot. I met someone there just to be dumped. Its she i turned to. Always had something to chear me up. She n my big sister is the most positive human being i eber known. N ofcos the best absober ever! I always remind myself about this. Try not to influence others' aura with my own problem. But dont keep the problems to urself. Just burst out and then stop! I can be a good listener n tears shed shoulder but even a robot has a time out.. The keyword is MODEST!!!
# ill try to be more positive when i head down to classes. Seriously, though the last class students always turn me upside down, they are the most positive mind set students. U can hit them, scold them, call them names and they just duck down their heads and in no second cheer your day up.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

siput babi@land snail

i always wonder why on earth do we call them siput babi..
why babi?
and do their shells grow with them or they change them gradually.. do the shells expend like our skin/skulls/hair etc..? memang indah ciptaan Allah, siput keras yang hidup dan membesar..sapa tak penah hancurkan siput babi memang tak penah jejak tanah..
i bet all of us did crush them atleast once. i'd a lot cos our old house did breed a lot these snails.. the soil was quite damp and these creature were all over the yard. nak main tepijak..nak sidai baju tepijak..nak p sekolah tepijak, nak kutip kain tepijak.enough said, these things were meant to be broken. but they never decrease.always there to be crushed! paling tak bole blah kalau tepijak with bare foot!
so i hate siput babi a lot! benci tahap kejam. so, we did do something mean to the snails: sprinkled some salt and watched them died in horror..kesian. sekarang dah tak buat sebab dah cerdik sikit. they have right to live in this tiny world. biarkan mereka. i think being crushed by human is one of their black life chapters that the have to indulge with. so we as human just need to except the existence of these annoying yet amazing creatures.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Dulu mcm tu..
Sekarang peelnya mcm ni pulak..
Yang pasti, asal usulnya samo..
Manambahkan lagi sebab untuk meng-anti kaum kalian!
Atau aku dan roomate ku yang bermasalah? Tapi bukan dirumah ni saja berlaku begini.
Masuk cara baik, keluar diam-diam. Macam tikus mondok.
It seems that we never learnt from the past mistake..neber eber trust these people.
Maybe i overgeneralise, but lightning did strike twice here.

shoes for bargain price

hush puppies shoes for only rm60 each. how cool is that??? so i hauled them both for only rm120!!! and plus the cute little shoes for little red..rm20(not hush puppies)

#in case u r wondering, i just downloaded picasa, thats y most of my posts lately came with pictures. tengah excited guna picasa..

So that's love!!!!

Situasi di labour room. The wife is giving birth without her blind husband presence.
Isteri: Doc suami sy mana doc,
Doc:Sabaq puan sabaq.Suami puan tak dapat datang.Td puan cakap suami puan tak dapat melihat kan.
Isteri(muka sedih mengiyakan)
Doctor: Kalau dia datang pon dia tak dapat nak lihat puan.
Adoi script! U tell me.