Sunday, February 27, 2011

entering March in Alor Setar, its like summer springy time. love 'em all.

these were taken back in 2006.

mister unsworth by Roald Dahl

My teacher wasn't half as nice as yours to be.
His name was Mister Unsworth and he taught us history,
And when you didn't know a date he'd get you by the ear
And start to twist while there you sat quite paralysed with fear.
He'd twist and twist and twist your ear and twist it more and more,
until at last the ear came all off and landed on the floor.
Our class was full of one-eared boys, I'm certain there were eight,
Who'd had them twisted off because they didn't know a date.
So let us now praise teachers who today are all so fine
And yours in particular is totally divine.

#i love this verse to death that i'd read again and again when i feel dull.
love the rhymes.
i like most of his works. so brilliant and educating. i'd probably read some to my future kids. am also a fan of "best behaviour verses/song" especially Concerning Mike Teavee. next time i'll type it down.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

last early sunday morning, we went to the kite fest at bukit layang layang. too early i guessed. the big kites were flown up not until noon. not all of them though cos there was no wind at the moment. there were not much to watch as most of the amazing kites were ground dead. the wind really failed us. we were so keen to watch the fly crocodile instead it just crawled up a little. ok la tu. we could see the kite flyers were having hell of time to fly up the kites. memang no wind at all. but the kite were soooooo freaking cantik. the train kites were weird in a creative way. cute. we were having gud time there. i even made my own plastic kite for rm1.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold war xxxx

Perang dingin buat kali ke berapa pin xtau dh..
But may be it'll be the longest one..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wheels of life

funny joke

something to cheer me up on this harsh day..

A six-year-old boy walked up to his father one day and announced, 'Daddy, I'd like to get married.'
His father replied hesitantly, 'Sure, son, do you have anyone special in mind?'

'Yes,' answered the boy. 'I want to marry Grandma.'

'Now, wait a minute,' said his father. 'You don't think I'd let you get married with my mother, do you?'

'Why not?' the boy asked. 'You married mine.

Bengap bangang bahlol

I just hate you so much rite now..
No words could describe my feelings toward you at the moment.
You and ur big ass are so damn good in doing this.
Aku tak mau apa2 bole?
Takmau tu takmau ni.
Kalau bole tengok bayang nama hang pon takmau.
Just indulge with this moment while it last cos i wont hide for long.
Esok kita tengok sapa yang kena!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aku tetewas juga..

Aku tewas dengan fb.
Tp not for long.
Sekarang baru aku rasa.
Sori la wey.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Aku stress harini..

I lost my hard money..penat gheja smpai cramp kaki2 duit boleh hilang. Tetekan betoi.. Moga2 berkat duit2 yg lain..


ive changed my password and then deactivated my fb accnt. No chance of going back.. Now i can focus on my own life..
Aku pon xtau padia password tu.. Bole retrieve tp leceh la. Lega. Xpayah dok sibuk hal org yg takpenah aku cakap.

Next month will be my e day. Ill be engaged to the love if my life. Insyaallah. Aku nak yang simple2. Just wanna do my own makeup. No veil and absolutely no crown or wut so ever. Nak cincin ja.. Bapak, aku mahu kawin. Its so damn hard to tell ayah about this geli2 thing. Betunang kot. It took me a while to confront him n first time telling was a massive step. Gila malu nak cakap nak betunang dan kawin kot!!!