Saturday, July 31, 2010

desires and me

There are plenty of desires inside me.
I want to be everything except for things that revolve with numbers and blood.anything Else is okay wif me.I can do almost anything but never good at any of them. I can draw but not eye catching enough. I can write for my own pleasure, I can do crafts but not that artsy, I can cook to full only the empty stomach. I can sing to my loves one. I can sew with minor details, I can run if were chased.basically i can do almost anything.
today i watched inception..some of the points that make me think until now is, we can hardly remember the starting of our own dreams. always start in the middle of something. absolutely whether they are really succeeded in the mission or it just another dream layers.
very interesting movie to digest with.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Saturday morning

Woke up and realised I was late for the movie trip..I rarely get up this late.not this late, 1030. Grab my towel and went to the toilet. Rained myself out and while showering, oh I thought I looked at my phone clock and it stated 2230. supposed to show 1030. Then I got out and looked out at the windows. No shining sun. It's still cold outside. Then I looked at my watch. Nahhhhh.730. I knew it already. Why do people hardly trust their own instinct???? So now here I am laying in bed typing this entry. Hahahaha.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Simple road is love.

Love is a simple road.
The straight line always.
No bumpy neither boundry,
Distraction or unfinished constructions.
Gps or maps are good for nothing.
Compass adds no extra value.
To a straight line loves.
All one needs is to choose a road with hair-raising terrain.
With the fantabulous hoi pollois.
No second thought in love.
Scamper with little worry,
whereas tomorrows always promised happiness.
I love simple road.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Semangat yg hilang kita Cari jalan pulang..

Gila rock!! Last night was a blast. Went to a free concert. Felt like the good old days. My sisters ngensot loved xpdc when the were young and golden. They insisted to go to pesta puala Pinang for xpdc concert. Permission granted with parental guidence. So we watched xpdc concert in one happy family. aku pon tiba2 minat la dengan xpdc. Pi tayang satu Kelas gambaq ngn Ali. Enjoying the live performance with mak and ayah watching your moves did scratch the ambiance. But it felt really selamat. Takdak la mat2 rockers gian gila sondoi2 or you know wut. With dad watching our backs i felt save though No flying jumping or wut so ever. That time, Ali was the vocalist..layan Ja.
There was no jumping either last night but we really enjoyed their performace. Like everybody else. The best out of all shows. Hattan pon layan. Fatin kata dia hemsem. Aku tak pecaya. Tapi dia menang Gaya n suara..rupanya aku Ada juga jiwa rock. Mungkin tempias jacket baru ala2 rockstar. Fatin kata rockstar. Tapi aku rasa starock. Tima kasih Fatin for a wanderfool weekend. Nanti bila2 aku rasa nak let out the rock spirit inside me I know where to find you. Kita pi concert crash lagi..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tribute to aci.

She was our daytime cleaner. She worked on sat till Friday. She would come at noon until she finished cleaning our little house. She had been our daytime cleaner since my late mom was here. At first my mom hired her because she was pregnant and was ou of hands to do all the chores plus 6children in hands. Besides, my mom wanted to help her. Aci's job was ironing my dad's piling clothes and sometime cleaning the dishes. When my mom died, she quit. Over the years when all of us were away, aci came back and worked with us again. Somebody had to take care of the house.she had worked with us for more than 12 years. Not to mention she was our nextdoor neighbour. SometimeS she quite annoying. Non stop talking. Many excuses for not coming to our house. Her useless ungrateful daughter.girl! Her grandson, thamby. She never failed to invite us during depavali but we never came. For certain reasons.And she knew it. So she would packed some food for us. We were the one who sometimes forgot to invite her during our open house. During my last moment with her, she told me about her long love story with her late husband. How they met, get married, how hard their life was. She passed away on Monday. Stroke.. Letchumi, Thank you for cleaning our house for these whole while. For the tips. Sorry for the wrongdoing.