Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hahah..firstly i hv to laugh for my own stupidity.
Why on earth did i open my heavy mouth n said the most lame jokes ever with my principal.
I should just say bye! But no, i said something. That something, that only something would leave mark on her. Hahah..n its not even funny.
Aku memang kena stop buat silly jokes! Actually its nothing. Infact now i couldnt even recall what was her reaction..i didnt look at her face when i uttered that something. So technically, i act didnt know her face reaction. Wether she buy it or not. But still! Oh how i wish i was not there.

Monday, October 18, 2010

just stop this nonsense..

i may be shallow,
i may be too paranoia,
but another movies about bohsia? about all the illegal cultures??
before this, when i happen to watch these kinds of craps, i just thought that no one would ever fall for these shit. seriously.
but now, having to experience teaching in this god-knows-where area, i was totally wrong! these boys will buy for any concept that will make them look good. they look up to these clan.the gang idea. the moves. they even honoured to be called mat rempit. pailang(bapak segala gangster) etc..
yes, some of us may say that movies never shaped the viewer, if yes why do malaysians still uncivilised despite all of the campaigns. senang jer bang, benda baik memang susah nak ikut.
for these boys, malay movies are their nearest references. they never read, hardly watch news, and never been exposed to the positive cultures if not for the school activities..and nowadays dramas dont help either, i remembered one wise man said "drama sekarang menayangkan terlalu banyak cerita2 yang negative, pengajarannya terlalu sedikit dan hanya di penghujung ceita". its like watching 99% the wrong conducts and finally the consequences of the wrong doings, hoping that viewers will learn something out of it. ada ker? dapat ker?
ghost stories?? apa pengajarannya?? dari mula sampai habis cerita tentang dendam, ilmu hitam, dengki, n stuff.. it just brings us malays back to our ancient hole. bila nak maju??

Sunday, October 10, 2010


just came back from singapore.
wut can i say.
the city is very organised. clean. practical.
the people there were kind of friendly.
didn't do any research before going there. regret it till now.
wasted so many hours just to find the agency which i didnt have to.
we should just go straight to the resort world.
geramnya. trip to universal studio was a blast!!! the games there really nervebreaking. best.
i like singapore. one day isnt enough.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Aku konpius..whether to let it goes or to tag along.. But for now i just let the time chooses it for me.