Wednesday, March 7, 2012


today, i just want to type. no special purpose. well, just now, someone texted me and asked me about my days during my school year. this someone said that someone had told him i was always being late to school. it took me awhile to freshen up my junior high memories. oh yes. i always came late because back then, my only transport to school was the HBR bas(a public transport). i had to wake up as early as 530 am to be able to catch the 630 made everything harder, i had to walk along the creepy alley(which was somebody's backyard) to reach the bus stop. and at 630a.m, it was still dark. sometimes i woke up late. and i'd missed the bus. or sometimes i was there on time but somehow the bus was packed like hell. and i ended being late. not everyday but maybe once or twice a week. the blue people(prefect la tu) wrote my name and asked me to collect rubbish around school compound.luckily during those times, there was no STUDM(sistem tadbir urus displin murid)where every little or big rule u break will go online and will stay there forever. Even KPM can access ur year was not the best time for me. not that i hate school years, i just dont cherished that moments that much. i like the matric's life more.

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Anna said...

putih hg naik bas awam pi skolah? hari2? oh ya la,, sekolah hg tepi jalan ja kan.

sistem rekod disiplin online? seriusly? ngerinya ..