Sunday, March 25, 2012


If you were here, u'll definitely be my first choice.
But you weren't.
You are now way too far in a better place.
If you were here now, i bet we will be the best friend ever,
It will be you i parade around, it was your secrets iwill threaten you with.
You are my best mate, my best secrets keeper, my sponge tears, my punch angers, my everything.
Our last day wasnt the best moment to remember.. I pray for you every now and then. I just love you in a way no one will ever understand.
It's between you and me. Between our own codes. Between our own nights spend together. Between our morning call moments. Between us.
You and i. I just wished i treated you differently. I should treat you the way i wanted they to treat me not the way they treated me. I am sorry.
I love you. Will always do.