Saturday, April 7, 2012

School trip

School trip should be fun. I remember when i was form 4, our class organised a trip to cameron highland. Yes, we were a bunch of 16-year-old teenage girl n we planned for a trip to 3++ km trip. Amazing. Then, we're the one who chose the right teacher to accompany us! There was no crazy rule.(no jeans,only covered shoes to name such) that's the time we could fashion around(not the nowadays young teenage fashion-legging n stuff) more to fancy tshirt, jeans n shoes.
Having talking about this, im going to accompany a school trip to kl tonight. At first, i was so looking forward to this trip. I even bought new decent clothes just for this trip. Now im not sure wether i can wear them or not as we(students n teachers) are given tshirt to be worn on that trip. Haishh. Ok, its not just about the clothes, i just dont feel like going. All the stuffs are running through my head rite. With the unfinished syllabus, the wedding thingy, the workloads....etc. I'll trt my best to make something out of this.. Just enjoy the trip as afterall it is free anyway!

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